Publications by Dr. Aileen Alleyne

The following papers and book chapters are informed by Dr Aileen Alleyne's clinical research and her wide-ranging interest in identity, race and culture.

  • PDF format Black identity and workplace oppression (PDF 55KB)

    Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, July 2004, Vol. 4, No 1: 4-8

    This paper is primarily aimed at counselling and psychotherapy practitioners whose clients experience workplace conflict and its resulting stress and trauma. The paper reports findings from the author's doctoral research, studying black workers in three work contexts.

  • PDF format Race-specific workplace stress (PDF 720KB)

    Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, October 2004, Vol. 15, No 8: 30-33

    This paper examines common experiences of work-related stress affecting black people in predominantly white institutions. The paper addresses less visible kinds of discrimination ('modern racism') and other dynamics of positional power within these settings.

  • PDF format The internal oppressor and black identity wounding (PDF 71KB)

    Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, December 2004, Vol. 15, No 10: 48-50

    In this paper, the author puts forward the concept of 'the internal oppressor'. This is a deep-seated, long-established aspect of black identity which operates alongside current experiences of racial oppression. It is to be distinguished from internalised oppression and can be viewed as the enemy within or internal adversary.

  • PDF format Black and White Issues in Training Groups: A Psychodynamic Approach (PDF 271KB)

    T. Mistry and A. Brown (eds) Race and Groupwork, pp 204-226, Whiting and Birch Ltd, 1977.

    This chapter develops a psychodynamic model of training on race issues as part of an Equal Opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices framework.

  • PDF format Which Women? What Feminism? (PDF 190KB)

    B. Seu and C. Heenan (eds), Feminism and Psychotherapy: Reflections on Contemporary Theories and Practices, pp. 43-56. Sage, 1998.

    This chapter considers the question of 'the other' and addresses the experiences of black women within the context of a feminist psychotherapeutic discourse.

  • PDF format The internal oppressor - the veiled companion of external racial oppression (PDF 191KB)

    UKCP The Psychotherapist, Issue 26, Spring 2005

    This paper reworks the theme of the internal oppressor and workplace oppression.

  • PDF format Invisible injuries and silent witnesses: The shadow of racial oppression in workplace contexts (PDF 283KB)

    Psychodynamic Practice - Individuals, groups and organisations. August 2005, Vol. 11, No. 3: 283-299

    In this paper, the author suggests that internalized oppression is the primary means by which all of us hold unto and re-enact our unresolved difficulties. She examines this concept with specific regard to black people's experience of racial oppression in workplace contexts and their capcity for resilience in these difficult and often traumatic circumstances.

  • PDF format Working with clients who are experiencing harassment in the workplace (PDF 268KB)

    BACP Information Sheet (G10), July 2006

    An information sheet written for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and specifically devised for practitioners who are working with clients who are suffering harassment in the workplace. The paper offers a theoretical understanding of the nature of harassment and gives guidance on working with the effects of this particular kind of trauma.

  • PDF format Working therapeutically with hidden dimensions of racism (PDF 460KB)

    Chapter 12 - Working therapeutically with hidden dimensions of racism - Aileen Alleyne. In Fernando & Keating (Eds)/Mental Health in a Multi-Ethnic Society: A Multidisciplinary Handbook (2nd Edition)

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